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Engineering is about making a product better, learning from past mistakes and create a process which is easy for all to understand.

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How to structure a node js application

I’ve started last weekend to build a node js application using also Express framework for a personal project, with every […]

  • April 2, 2019
Using redux-saga with Android Permissions in a react native app

Android permissions in react native app can be integrated very easily if you need something quick for a component, a […]

  • March 19, 2019
React native maps for Android

Using maps in react native is easy because we can use react-native-maps, but we also need to know how to […]

  • March 8, 2019
How to use redux persist with react native

Working with react or react-native and having state management like redux, we have cases when we need to persist our […]

  • February 27, 2019
Native modules – react native development

You may no find so easy this chapter in react native and because I had this problem I want to […]

  • February 24, 2019
Using flow with react native

As a best practice when you start a react native project you could take into consideration using a static type […]